Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Fashion et al Hearts Cassie...

Come on admit it...there’s something about Cassie –isn’t there? The hair, her beauty, the Diddy thing etc, etc! ....I just love her style -she is sooo fierce. Second only to Genevieve Jones, –this gal is no longer afraid of her 'power'. Sexy, fierce [with never-ending-legs] –fashion et al’s eyes are on Cassie – right now. It’s been amazing to watch Cassie morph from R&B princess [wearing ‘red carpet’ dresses] to full blown edgy, rock’n’roll, eclectic -fashionista. From faded skinny jeans, one off t-shirts and ‘ghetto-fabulous’ jewellery combo –to sculptural black leather dress and killer heels -Cassie is hot stuff..x

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