Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Blog Watch: Granpaparazzi

(Credit: All photos courtesy of Granpaparazzi Blog)

“Granpaparazzi is a style blog created by a small collective of hobby photographers, journalists and designers. Our goal is to create opportunities for intergenerational dialogue. Our approach to photo blogging is simple: we take cameras with us wherever we go and document street style as candidly as possible.

We focus on elders to convey our reverence for seniors and showcase that old adage about the cyclical nature of fashion. To understand our approach, try this experiment: read today’s style guide, head into the streets and notice what your elders are wearing. You’ll see. They’re already wearing what you covet and they have been for decades. Granpaparazzi pays homage to this under-celebrated truth.” Granpaparazzi

***You’ll love this blog, its soo unpretentious. It will make you smile and inspire you –no end! I’ve always been a fan of ‘OAP’ chic and the above photos show we have lots to learn from our seniors. You can check out Granpaparazzi Blog at: http://www.granpaparazzi.com/ …..Be warned –its addictive….xx

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