Friday, 21 January 2011

Tattoo Turn-off………….

Gucci Mane

(Gucci Mane, Soulja Boy, Birdman, Lil Wayne, The Game)

Am I the only woman on the planet, not turned on by tattoos? I can’t image myself physically touching a man, no matter how hot/powerful/rich he is with tattoos all over him,-its just too prison, and the connotations of prison life (survival, tear-drops tattoo, prison showers and what-have-you) just don’t appeal. Gucci Mane has recently had an ice-cream tattooed on his face and I just don’t know people.....


  1. LOL, a lot of these tatts are just hilarious and have a very basic meaning. On the other hand, there are plenty examples of tattoos that DO look good and have a beautiful meaning.

  2. Im a guy and I find them rather nasty..I meet girls with tats and I for some reason lose all respect for them..I question their logic, decision making and how they could wreck their bodies and yet expect to get wifed up and have my child..I think its just attention seeking. One thing though, unless youre a rapper and dont need a corporate job dont be stupid and think youre in the same lane as Lil Wayne etc.

  3. I know im chiming in late on this one but; attention seeking, yes. I even think the trend has lost the meaning factor a long time ago. People are doing this stuff like cosmetic surgery. Ice cream cones, stars, pinwheels and $hit. In my opinion, These rappers and wannabee thugs are on the same level as a woman getting breast implants. She has more of my respect because she doesn't run around acting like they're 'real.' She admits she got them cause they look good.