Friday, 28 August 2009

Art: Sunflowers By Van Gogh

After a meeting in Charing X last week, I had an hour to spare before a quick 'catch-up' with my friend Ingrid at St.Pauls [I must take my son to one of their Sunday services] -and off cause there was no contest [surrounded by Museums] -it was time to visit my dearest and oldest friend, 'Sunflowers' By Van Gogh -at The National Gallery. I truly love this 'Post Impressionist' painting. But I don't know why! One of four versions of sunflowers that Vincent van Gogh painted, this version [with 15 sunflowers] was painted in Arles, in 1888 -and is now happily hanging in Room 45 at The National Gallery -moving me and freaking me out in equal measures [-depending on the time or day]. But I am sooo drawn to it. I don't know if it's because of Van Gogh [the famous Dutch artist's story is very moving], or it's beauty [lets face it, - at times it looks more sad than beautiful] or the optimism of the yellow [used sooo richly throughout, -even though, -when viewed with a hundred jumpy tourist behind you, -it can take on a brownish hue] or the fact that millions of people have stood in that same room -in awe of this [majestic] painting? .....What I do know -is I find the shabby chicness of the sunflowers comforting -and I can't believe how thick the paint is [on closer inspection] -and I'm crazy about the brush strokes.... and at times the experience is very spiritual. Sunflowers By Van Gogh can be found in Room 45 at The National Gallery.

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