Thursday, 6 August 2009

My so called Life: zzZZZzzZZ

I took these -a couple of weekends ago in the 'Bar' [emmm the posh part.....Where folk have enough room for paddocks and STUFF!!). My baby and I went for a [very] long walk. We saw 'daaaa horses' [mummy how many horses are there? Lets count them baby. Are they boy horses mummy? Ermmm lets see baby. Well that one there is definitely a boy and the light brown and white one too!! Mummy, why aren't they running around? They stopped to eat baby. But they've been eating forEVer!! Yes baby, they are very hungry!1 But their bellies are really big mummy. Yes I think they are pregnant and going to have babies. But I thought you said some were boys mummy. Errrm yes baby!! Mummy what are their names? I don't know baby. Yes you do!! No I don't -why don't you give them names -Alex? Ok -that one is Peter, and that one is Charlie...and that one is Ben Blah, blah, blah. No baby, those two are are definitely gals!!! No they're not. Yes they are -I will name them...That one is Ella, that one is June Blah, blah, blah. No mummy that horse is not called Jane -that's a rubbish name -and that horse is a boy ...anyway and sooo forth!!] and then we went back home [thankfully]..........xx

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