Tuesday, 11 August 2009

'A very stylish girl' - Amanda Ganyiwa

The following is a new addition to fashion et al. I see so many fabulous sisters out and about looking fierce -in their own unique way -and Amanda Ganyiwa is one such lady. Her 'look' [Hot hair, beautiful face and cute -fashiontastic style is just too 'on trend' to ignore] -is sooo her. She has truly inspired moi. Amanda Ganyiwa is our first ever, 'A very stylish girl' -and that makes her pretty special in my books!! Enjoy...................xx

FEA: Hi Amanda, how are you?
AG: I'm great thank you

FEA: Thanks for this interview babes. What are you up to right now?
AG: I have just finished my first year of university. I'm going back to my mums house for summer -to chill on the beach

FEA: Can you tell us about yourself?
AG: Well, I am very ambitious and passionate about osteopathic medicine, that's what I'm studying -and I also have a passion for fashion. I like to smile and laugh and like people around me to do the same as I think they are healthy emotions.

FEA: I loves your style -how would you describe your look?
AG: My style is all about being unique and standing out. I like to follow trends but add my own little touch. Almost everything I buy, -I alter because I buy things for their potential to be altered to suit my style.

FEA: Amanda, you love shopping -name your favourite shop(s)?
AG: Oh yes I'm a bit of a shopaholic. I like shopping in H&M, New look, Lipsy, La Senza, Miss Selfridge -and Primark is doing it big this year [I'm loving the stuff they are bringing out]. I would [really] say I like most high-street shops.

FEA: What item of clothing can you not live without?
AG: A sexy little dress that oozes out colour

FEA: Name your favourite designer(s)
AG: Dominique Sirop has gorgeous evening dresses, VLISCO have amazing African attire [I don't no who their designers are]

FEA: Who's your style icon?
AG: Tyra Bank and Keri Hilson.

FEA: Your hairstyle is fierce. What does it say about you?
AG: It just explains my love of colour. The idea of the colour combination is funny, - I was craving strawberries and cream and I thought -hey why not in my hair

FEA: Who gives good hair?
AG: Keisha Cole has fabulous a hairstyle -my kind of style.

FEA: Are you high maintenance?
AG: Really, every girl is high maintenance so I would say -yer I am kind-off. I like to spoil myself.

FEA: Who is hot right now?
AG: New artist music wise, I'm feeling Kerry Hilson -she got that swagger!!

FEA: Handbags or Shoes?
AG: Oh defiantly shoes

FEA: Topshop or Miss Selfridge?
AG: Miss Selfridge but I like Topman though!

FEA: And finally Amanda, tell us a secret ?
AG: rrmmm I'm the biggest bargain hunter out there lol. I think that's a secret!!

FEA: Thanks hons, stay beautiful.......................xx
AG: Thank you...........you too xxx

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