Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Music: Lucy Love

It's sooo amazing, -there was a time when the only black and people of colour -to be found in Europe were all in England [and off cause -all living in Brixton -hehehe]!!! Well haven't times changed? You can now enjoy Ayo in Paris, Anna Reynolds in Germany and now Lucy Love in Copenhagen, Denmark. Lucy Love is a beautiful gal -who's music is hitting all the right notes for me -right now!! She is hot -in an east London 'garagey-grimy-punky-way!! [ a bit strange as I thought she would sound ermm more Danish -whatever that sounds like]. Anyway, I love her -in all her monochrome glory [she is the new face of Europe] -and her tune 'No VIP' -is a new fave!! Unfortunately, I don't understand the Danish on her myspace page but her own website is written in English -and is full of crazy/funky tit-bits [very interesting]. So check her out -she is going to Blow-up big stylee. For more on information on Lucy Love visit: www. or

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