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The 2009 Costume Institute Gala at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York

My mate Ingrid Cadette is fabulous. I have known her for eighteen years and we have been through; relationships, -relationship break-ups, -children, children expressing themselves, -the good, the bad and the ugly of 'Life' -and guess what, -she is always fabulous and tells it as it is. Ingrid is not just a, 'girl-about-town' but a Chartered Surveyor (I know, she is not just a pretty face) -and a very stylish girl. So, who better to call on for a commentary than -my trusted gal friend, Ings......x

Kate Moss (In a toga-style dress by Marc Jacobs, and a coordinating turban by milliner Stephen Jones).

Ingrid: -At last, Kate and co have stepped outside of their usual boring swishy washy predictable look -to create something magnificent! Colour, make-up & dress work great against her tan, -and turban is both daring and gorgeous. The end result is a fun, sexy -futuristic look.

Paulina: -I don't know folks -I am some what surprised. I love Kate, I love the dress and the fabulous gold shoes (and even though some may ague that this is a case of Gold over load -I love it) -I just don't love the turban enough...

Vogue editor Anna Wintour

Ingrid: - This dress captures the 'here and now' and screams I’m cute!

Paulina: I love Anna. She is the person I want to meet (the mostest in the whole wide worldest -and I love her). Some people want to be Jordan, some want to be Paris, -I want to be just like Anna when I grow up -so, I guess I am sort of biased, -but the truth is, like the sacred, Oprah and Goddess, Bjork -Anna can wear anything she wants -and it would OK with me. She looks fabulous...

Victoria Beckham (Pink and black polka dot Marc Jacobs dress)

Ingrid: – Normally I like her hair but in this instance, it makes her look hard/harsh… Eye make up is too dark -and elsewhere, -too light. Nice dress pattern but not style. Give it up Mrs Beckham.

Paulina: An unfortunate choice -me thinks. This dress is the equivalent of the 80's 'mullet'. A mini dress at front, a wedding dress at back, -the one shoulder detail, -shiny pink with polka dots -it's just too, too much. The scrapped back hair (I have always felt that 'our' posh could do with more hair -because unlike her style icon, Audrey Hepburn -she doesn't have the face for this ..errrm look) and the shiny face (no no) -it all a bit too desperate (which off cause is nothing new for Posh). But let it be known, -I have a soft spot for Posh and her desperate need to be 'in' fashion or 'do' Fashion -or whatever. Because unlike Mossy, -you know 'our' Posh has to work at it (morning, noon and night -knowing in her hearts of hearts that style is not innate to all people, -not least her]. And I bet she has an itinerary of what she is going to wear for the next week, -if not, -the next couple of months. Kudos for smiling, Posh...

Tyra Banks (a strapless black metallic Badgley Mischka dress)

Ingrid: – I need a man and am loosing my confidence. Hair is awful. Just chill out Tyra -and go back to the chic classic looks -which made u famous. Perhaps, spend some time with the fabulous Iman.

Paulina: I love Tyra but she always manages to channel her inner drag queen at the wrong time/events. Her hair and make-up is tres chic but the dress is way too fussy -why Miss Tyra?

Madonna (wears Louis Vuitton)

Ingrid: - Cute head piece & hair, although dress is a little short. The colour and style are 'present' -but not keen on boots, - as they make the top part of her thighs look chunky.

Paulina: -Where do I start with this monstrosity? I must point out, the older I get -the more I like Mad-donna. She grows and glows more fabulous as she matures with age (errrm fabulous -in a desperate way. But believe me when I say, - there is such a thing as good desperation -see Posh). I like and admire her desperate need for attention (why should she grow out of it?), her desperate need to hold onto her youth, the Macrobiotic diet, the Kabbalah, and off cause -all the work she puts into maintaining her body etc. So, 'our' Madge's, 'Puss-in-boots-look-I-have-a-bird-on-my-head' stylee, though hideous, -is in fact growing on me.

Helena Christiansen (Wears a Zac Posen dress that spells out 'Vogue')

Ingrid: – I don’t understand the dress or colour, although I generally like pink & silver. Is it a taboo to say this style is too young, or perhaps this style doesn’t go with her hair, - which looks cute. I Like the shoes.

Paulina: I remember the first time I saw Helena. It was in the ladies room at one of the Brit Awards and she was there with Natalie Imbruglia -and they were both breath taking -ly beautiful. Shiny and glossy and luminous -Helena (I shouldn't like her, -she went out with the late Michael Hutchence and I loved him) was lovely, unaffected and gave me the most gracious smile. Unfortunately, I don't like this look -and this surprises me, -because I usually can't fault her style. There is a mutton-ish, Las Vegas gal verve about this look, -a look I feel better suited to Pammy Anderson or one of, Heff's bunnies....I love the Blingtastic cuff -it's very on trend.

Selma Blair (Wears Marc Jacobs' studded one-shoulder black mini dress)

Ingrid: – Where is the sexy, exotic & classy Selma we have all come to love? The dress is awful. It’s simply not her. And the shoes, hair and make-up are boring, - although bag is cute.

Paulina: I love Selma. She always gets it right. She looks rock'n'roll cute in this LBD, and the flirty lace detail -is uber sexy. The clutch is gorgeous....Go girl....

Gisele Bundchen (Sequined blue Versace mini dress)

Ingrid: Gisele Bundchen – There is something about her which screams ‘hot’. You go girl!

Paulina: -I have always wanted a body like Gisele's or a perfect mix of her and Tyra Banks -then I would be long, lean and soft -lovely (I can dream -can't I). What can I say, -our G, -got up, did her Capoeira and just threw something on -[effortlessly] Ipanema stylee. I only wished she had tried a little harder (the very opposite of our Posh) -still, she looks great...

Iman (In a champagne one-shoulder gown)

Ingrid: -Absolutely fabulous! With flawless and golden make-up. This picture radiates, I am beautiful and this is me.

Paulina: -I don't knows -folks. I don't like shiny, polyester looking biased cut dresses on black folks -it looks too 'Dalston Market' for me. Still, Iman's make-up is flawless, her hair looks good and her skin, -my goodness, is glowing and looks like butter -Gosh Iman , you are beautiful.

Agyness Deyn (Wore a grey crushed silk Burberry long dress)

Ingrid: – Absolutely stunning.

Paulina: -I love Aggys in this gorgeous 'Hollywood Goddess' dress, my only reservation is her hair -because, her make-up, though strong, -is fabulous. Bless her for trying to channel Marilyn Monroe (because this dress demands either a Marilyn or a Veronica [Lake]-ish grandeur) but 'our' Aggy would have been more successful (with her small head and face) if she would have pulled her hair back (way back -she has a lovely face after all), -and let the dress do the talking......

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