Friday, 29 May 2009

My so called life: The ever changing face(s) of Lil Kim....

If you're a 'lover' and not a 'hater' -you'll see these photographs of Lil Kim and not laugh but - feel for her deeply. You don't have to be deep or 'conscious' to know, -there are some serious pressures on all women to look beautiful at all times and even more so -on the black female. And if for some reason (not feeling loved, no fathers love, no mothers love, no self love, no self worth -or you are told your too dark, or your nose is too big or flat, or we want someone lighter etc) -then you feel the pressures more. Lil Kim's metamorphosis show all the signs of a lady trying to find herself (like all of us); -but unlike the rest of us, -bless her, -it's been catalogued on the 'world's stage' for public consumption. And that can not be easy. I pray LOVE into her every being and -pray that the beauty (and incredible journey) of SELF LOVE and CONTENTMENT find Lil Kim before we have another unfortunate case of, 'Michael Jackson-ism'. May she be all -she wants to be.....................xx

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