Sunday, 10 May 2009

My so called life: Ooops

During my [daily] research yesterday, I stumbled across the nude photographs of Cassie and Rihanna, -and even though, they were not as shocking as I thought they would be, -I really feel for these young ladies. Whether they intended to leak them -themselves or not; -both are very young and both are getting over -very very powerful relationships -and need lots of love. Whether both these young gals are -trying to communicate; their wants or desperate need for their ex's -[by showing them what their missing] -is not up for debate (as far as I'm concerned. What is debatable is the spiralling out of control -of two very beautiful and talented girls). I won't go into too much detail (I'm afraid Fashion et al -is soooo not about nude drama) -but these two young gals -look like they are crying out for help -through the nude photographs. Both are somewhat alone -looking sad and it seems -taking private pictures of themselves (and it is pretty sad -God Bless them) I had heard the rumours about Cassie's nudes -and heard what the good people of, Blogland thought of her actions (mainly, she needs publicity, -album's coming out soon, she leaked the pictures -herself, she wants Diddy back etc etc) -personally, after seeing just how graphic theses nude photographs are (especially 'one' of Cassie....erm expressing herself) -they are both on my prayer list............xx

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