Sunday, 10 May 2009

Fashion et al hearts Ebony Bones

I have loved Ebony Bones' style for -ever. Her frenetic; eclectic, mish mash of, avant-garde, fluro, Harajuku madness, meet Africa, come fly gal -meet, Dorothy (Wizard Of Oz), via Carmen Miranda and 90's in ya face- club kids, -is fabulous. Ebony Bones' style is up there with Bjork and Tori Amos (wow) -and so is her music. -A concoction of sexy apocalyptic ramblings, -meet 80's acid generation,-meet punk, -via grime -meet rock -via indie, with some emo jagger, jagger -voodoo dolls, poptastic, and more grime' -verve. -Her diverse and eclectic musical style incorporates many different genres and is wwwway outside the box (just the way Fashion et al -likes it). I first spied Ebony Bones as Yasmin Matthews in the now defunct, 'Family Affairs' soap on Channel 5, -and even then, -I knew there was something, 'special' about Ebony. After 'Family Affairs' was taken of the air, -for a while, I thought Ebony had become a glamorous party gal [a girl-about-town] -as she was photographed going in and out of one red carpet /club event after another. But then, oosh; -there she was, -in all her ...errm, 'Alice in Wonderland' glory -fabulous.

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