Monday, 20 July 2009

Beauty: L'Oreal and other yummy stuff at Boots

I popped into my local Boots to buy cotton wool [mine always runs out at the wrong time!!] and soooo didn't intend to buy lots of stuff -and guess what? I spied the reduced section [this section is fabulous -and a great way to try out new stuff. And if the product(s) don't work, -its not too costly] -and I had a field day. Amongst my many 'bargains' [I didn't need half of the stuff -folks!!!] was Olay's Gentle Cleansers Refreshing Toner (Mild Everyday Cleansing) and L'Oreal's De-maq Expert's Velvet Creme Wash Expert Make-up Remover, -and both have set me free!! I don't usually like to mix the brands I use [especially on my face] but both are very gentle and can be used -daily. And even though I already use L'Oreal, -the De-maq expert's Velvet Creme Wash Expert Make-up remover, is a [marked] improvement on my old facewash. This innovative Wash is also a make-up remover, -and you only need a small amount [with water] -to create a gentle and luxurious creamy lather -leaving your skin, -clean and silky soft.

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