Saturday, 11 July 2009

** I grew up in Waltham X, -a little place close to Cheshunt [where Posh grew up] -and I used to see her and her sister in a [very] chichi shop called, 'Tarts' in Waltham X, -so I kind of didn't appreciate her talents. Plus, I wasn't mature enough to know what I know today!! That -you need -BALLS to succeed. That you have to be tenacious, focused, driven, diva, demand the best, have 'blood c****t ambition, believe in your own shit (even when others don't), be alone -at times, not give up etc etc etc -and thus, -success is not for the ordinary or the fainthearted -and 'our' Posh is not ordinary ooOO. That's why I love her -she is EXTRA-ordinary. And so, - you find me [your sister Paulina] with a new found love, admiration and respect for Posh -because -she be WINNER ooOO.

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