Saturday, 11 July 2009

I once got a revelation about these two -and I was blown away. I believe that they met; -figured that both were from [very] ordinary families, -and that if they planed and plotted -they could be powerful -together. Because deep down, -they knew that; -if family, status, class and opportunities were taken into consideration -they would never have made it, -no way. But God Sooo good, gave David -football skills [and he was good] and posh eerrrm, -ambition [and her ambition -no be no small thing ooOO]. You see, a long time ago -our sister Posh [being very clever] -went to one of his football matches -and allowed herself to be found by David [yes Posh is a very, very clever gal]. So David found her -'all on his own' !!!

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