Saturday, 11 July 2009

(Please read the following -with an African accent, -it gives, the right amount of power/drama needed -to accompany this piece)

I once had a boyfriend who looked like he wanted to jump out of the window -every time our conversation -got 'deep'. Now you might be thinking, maybe he was watching football, -it no be sooo. A lovely afternoon -followed by a lovely evening -of, 'light conversation' -surly, -must be followed by [at least] a day of 'deep' conversation(s) -no? Because, even though, -talking about 'light stuff' is cute -surely conversation(s) about; -the future, planning, winning, strategies and self improvement, -should not make a grown arse man -crazy!! I once dared to share this [the ex's behaviour] with a group of talented men [I met on a film set. I was responsible for the wardrobe, -bless me], -and was shocked. The first AD, -informed me that, -even though he loved his girlfriend dearly, -he's never being interested in what she had to say. In fact, he just didn't want her to talk -full stop. Well you can image, -my Ghanaian/African -market woman spirit came out [but that's another story]. Becks on the other hand is different [well, that's what I feel -anyways]. I believe that Becks' listens to Posh. In fact, I believe that their successful brand/marriage -is down to Posh's vision; ambition and insight, -and David's ability to listen and comply ooOO.

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