Saturday, 11 July 2009

So how can folk -have relationships like the Beckhams -or do it the POSH way? The following are some pointers on how to have a successful relationship - Posh stylee.....(Please note, the following advice is for women in loving, successful and empowering relationships with winners -only. This is not of women who are loving/crying over/ holding onto -weak, losers, wot-less-jagger-jaggers, uneducated bafoons, ordinary men. I am afraid I don't have the time. Remember, it is better to be alone than to be selling yourself short with the aforementioned -losers).
(1) Love yourself.
(Love yourself. Love every part of you -from your head down to your toes. Be kind to yourself. It's alright, - to not be in that body you 'dream' about or, -be in the position you want to be in. Remember, because you have the desire and drive -it will come to pass, just be patient and work at it, -it will happen.)
(2) Be the very best you, -you can be.
(Note, this means -you must be balanced, to attract a balanced man. You must be at your best weight. You must look good -when out and about. Have fabulous hair and make-up-when out and about. Be your best dress size (and stay that way forever. And if after you're married, -you put on weight after having baby-say, -he can get you a personal trainer and pay for lipo etc).
(3) Allow a [powerful] man, [who shares your dreams and passions] -to find you. Don't find him, - if you like someone, draw him to you. Never let him know that you found him [first] or that you instigated it. Men are hunters -let them hunt ooO.
(Please note, the man must be powerful/successful etc -or on his way [to becoming powerful]. Because when a powerful man, lets you down -he is still a powerful man, -just a powerful man who has let you down -you get me? But when a poor-arse man / or an ordinary man lets you down, -well that's just not funny. Because, it is better to have a successful, solvent man act like a baby around you than -a broke arse, jagger-jagger 'whatever' act like -a child in front of your friends (note, it is a given, -most men have childish moments).
(4) He must marry you or want to marry you.
(Note for the above to happen -he must not hide you from his family/friends etc. You must also never live with him until he has married you. Because what is the point of allowing a man to live with you -as if you're married? Why should he get all the benefits without all the hard work? Don't sell yourself short [I did it once, -and now that I love myself -I will never do it again].
(5) The two of you must hatch your plan(s). Plan for now, -and the future. Think along the lines of....what you both want in your future. Do you have the same focus-say?
(Note, be clever gals. Do like Posh, -don't let him know that you are the driving force in this -relationship. Don't be [too] blatant. The two of you must work at it night and day, day and night. If you have to chill out abit for him to play football -do it, -because relationships are partnerships gals. And if you have to work on your project through the night, -make sure that he cooks [and get your rest on] -because it is a partnership ooOO.
(6) Support each other above all else.
(Note, relationships are not easy -but you must make yours easier. Support each other and remember two heads are better than one -and four hands, are more than two -are you feeling me? Be prepared to offer help, and be his shoulder to cry on [vica versa], and he must be your cushion to lean on -in times of trouble etc.
(7) Never disrespect each other in public.
(Note, don't bad mouth him to your friends or family -they will lose respect for him (and once the respect has gone -its gone ooOO).
(8) Forgive, Forgive and Forgive again.....because the grass is not greener.
(Note, there are behaviours -that can be forgiven but are still deal breakers. A men biting you between the legs ....[yes I know you know] -is not on -and you must FLEE. A men abusing you -must be left, behind. But a man cheating on you; -after years of passion, love, respect, children, and a beautiful life together, -well that one is up to you to decide. But the older I get, the more I feel I am willing to forgive -if a man is truly sorry -and for that reason I now admire Posh's decision to stay. Her babies, her family life, their lifestyle and off cause, -who else can do for her -like David can??
(9) Let there be Passion!!!!.
(Get your @&5$% on -ya hear. Fulfil every fantasy you have both ever wanted/lusted/coveted together -and with so many positions and %^%$% to try out/achieve/create -there should be enough %&!£% going on until you both reach 80, -then you can start all over again -lovely. Remember ladies, -no one's watching -so let go [so what if you have wobbly bits]....... Have fun folks.
(10) Give back
(Note, The more you give, the more you get. Pick a charity you are passionate about and give; give, give, -and watch as you reap one blessing after another).

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