Saturday, 11 July 2009

So after David found Posh, I believe Posh starting TALKing -and decided that (wait for it folksssssssssssssssssssss), 'Together they are beautiful' -and POWERFUL -and they can have it all!! Another thing I love about Posh, is that she knows her 'limitations'. And even though she is uber ambitious [some might even call her desperate], and she has a [veracious] need to be loved/,celebrated (she suffered at the hands of bullies -you know), -Posh always keep it real -with 'her' David [and only David]. I can just image the [many] conversations they must have had [at the very beginning of this special relationship] -ten years ago. Posh must have told Becks, 'David we need to win, live beautifully, be beautiful, be fashionable, never be poor, not eat, not be ordinary [like our families], be fabulous, hook up with Elton -cause he's rich, get pally with the Cruises -they are Gods in America etc, -and David listened and agreed. And -thus, 'Brand/Team Beckham' was born. That talk, ambition, need(s) and lots of other private stuff -must be at the very core/foundation -of their relationship/marriage [and must be the reason - they have lasted TEN years]. Sisters make like -me ooOO, and learn from Posh. Run/control your relationships without the man -being non the wiser, -and never embarrass him by telling him.

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