Friday, 3 April 2009

Beauty: Dr Nick Lowe's Oil Control Day Cream

Greasy shiny skin -is the enemy of a beautifully made up face and black skin is more prone to this irritation. The malaise of the well groomed lady, a greasy face is caused by an over active Sebum (your skins own natural oil). The sebum protects our skin and hair from drying out but unfortunately it also causes our pores to get clogged up –causing greasy skin and acne. The only way to fight the shiny and greasy effects of over active sebum build-up is to wash your face properly and use sebum fighting treatments like Dr Nick Lowe's Oil Control Day Cream. This light hydrating and easily absorbed daily moisturiser (with UV sunscreens) -will put an end to the shine. £14.63 at

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