Thursday, 9 April 2009

My kind of people: Shingai Shoniwa -Noisettes

“Wanting to escape from reality can inspire the greatest and most trivial creative natures in people, -I think escapism is something that connects all of us. Everybody has their own little soundtrack, and I guess I’m trying to make my own soundtrack to my escape plan. I want people to realize that there’s so much more”.
Shingai Shoniwa

I dare you to watch Shingai strut her stuff on stage and not 'channel' her the following day. The 'channelling' rarely happens -now, but when it does (a couple of times with -Bjork, Mary J, Santagold, Thecocknbullkid and Aluna) -I just go with it. I am sure that like me, you've had your eye on this fabulous, 'fieceeeeeee' chanteuse. An Anglo -Zimbabwean, Shingai and her band, Noisettes have gone global (good for her -may it keep our Shingai -in Fendi fur coats for the rest of her life). A fashion icon, Shingai and Noisettes are now mainstream (I know guys, -this happened after their latest single ‘Don’t Upset The Rhythm’–was used in a Mazda advert and is now riding high in the charts at number 1. Keep on rocking Shingai, Dan Smith and Jamie Morrison (her fellow band mates).

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