Saturday, 11 April 2009

My kind of people: Disney's Princess Tiana

“Not only is she the first black princess, she’s the first American princess. We’ve never had an American princess. The scope and the significance is larger than people even realize.” Anika Noni Rose (the voice of Princess Tiana)

"There still isn't a Disney princess that's African and it's very difficult because our daughter's getting into princesses right now and it upsets me." Angelina Jolie

There might be controversy surrounding Disney’s first black American princess -(her prince charming is white -get over it people) -for me, she is a dream -because even though, Disney gave us the lovely, Pocahontas (Native-American), Jasmine (Arab) and Mulan (Chinese) -they were never enough. I wish, I had grown up with this fabulous cartoon character (I am sure I would be a brain surgeon by now). The movie, is set in 1920's New Orleans and comes out later this year (I will be taking my fabulous niece to see it). The doll version of Princess Tiana is available for purchase in America. This should please Angelina.....

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