Saturday, 11 April 2009

My kind of people: Dee C. Lee

I was playing (yes, I still play) with my art collection (my LP's) yesterday, and I came across the above cover of the beautiful and elegant, Dee C Lee and it got me thinking, 'What's my childhood crush up to? I often hear about the gorgeous Paul Weller (her ex husband) and Natt Weller (her fabulous son) -but Diane Catherine Sealey, aka Dee C Lee is very low on the radar -so I goggled -and our Dee (it transpires)is still doing her thing. Her 1985 Top 3 single "See The Day" was covered by Girls Aloud in 2005, she had a small part as a pop star in the comedy film, 'Rabbit Fever' in 2006, -performed her hit "See The Day" on ITV1's Loose Women show, in 2008 and played a small role in the British short film,"The Town That Boars Me" alongside her son, Natt Weller. Enjoy the film clips, "See The Day" and The Style Council's "Walls come tumbling down" -(both filmed in 1985 -above). OMG, how hot is Dee -and Paul?

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