Friday, 10 April 2009

My so called Life: Our First Couple meet the Queen of England...

I love the above photographs. They make me feel soooo happy but there are moments when I feel errrrm..kind of ...(I am so embarrassed to say this -but I just can't believe -this is all happening in my life time, -not that we people of colour don't deserve this global acceptance of our talents, gravitas and success,- no sireeeee, its just that it has taken soooooooo long, but thank God it has happened because the whole world has changed -Amen. I must pull myself together now) -overwhelmed by the BEAUTY of it all. I know I am soppy but, I love our first couple (I have never felt 'let-down' by them, -there has never been an -'omg what are they saying/ wearing or lack of etiquette' moment -praise God, -and I know, that you are feeling this too) -plus, I have never seen the Queen so pleased to greet guests -(maybe she is overwhelmed too -by the sheer magnitude, symbol and power of, the most powerful couple in the world -I must praise God again -Praise God..Amen)

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