Thursday, 9 April 2009

Beauty & Enterprise: blouse & skirt Cosmetics by Belinda Binda

”When I started in Make-up I was always the only ethnic face on a film set. Now it's great to see black girls in all areas of the industry, both behind and in front of camera. I wanted to create a brand that reflected the vibrance and style of 21st century ethnic women”. Belinda Binda

Whether you favour the; fun and eclectic made-up Ebony Bones, or natural and uber groomed, Thandie Newton -blouse & skirt by Oscar and Emmy nominated make-up artist, Beverley Binda -offers you a wonderful and varied -choice of foundations and powders (to suit any complexion -offering all women of colour, that all important -perfect base).
I stumbled across this brand during a harassed afternoon in Selfridge's (I was window shopping, folks) -and was pleasantly surprised. Their gorgeous lip glosses (£10.00 each) and 'just right' mineral powders -came as a breath of fresh air, -and I fell in love with the translucent 'no colour effect' powder (£20.00) -above. Light -it blends invisibly into your skin (it can be used by all skin types), leaving no trace or shine, -giving you a fresh, luminous and bright natural looking complexion -yummy.
Jamaican born Beverly, trained in make-up at the BBC make-up school -gaining experience from a wide range of award-winning productions before going freelance in 1990. Highly sort after -work on films, TV programmes, commercials and music promos followed. With her wealth of experience -and not having access to a make-up range that, 'reflected the vibrance and style of 21st century ethnic woman' -Beverly got to work, and created a fresh, upbeat make-up brand especially formulated for dark and Asian skin tones. Like the gorgeous powder above, blouse & skirts' barely-there-foundations (comes in 12 different shades and cost £19.50 each) -are all enriched with Vitamin E and Natural Aloe extracts. You can buy blouse and skirt from Selfridge's (nationwide) or order via their website at:

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