Thursday, 16 April 2009

Website: Artbox

Artbox is a cute website -offering cute stuff (socks, hoodies, purses, gifts etc) from all over the world. Even though this website is not for 'cashmere princesses' -it will 'set you free' if you love quirky, 'where-did-she-buy-that-tshirt-from' cutesy pieces. The 'Artbox Chewing Cookie Bag' is yummy (£20.00) and I covet -the comfy, 'Artbox Doodle T-Shirt' (£12.00) and the, 'Decole Otogicco Red Riding Hood Mug', (£7.50) -it has a very.... 'I-am-not-from-Ikea' cuteness, -from Decole Japan.

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