Thursday, 11 March 2010

Academy Awards Red Carpet Fashion......

Sorry about the delay folks but a friend [he shall remain nameless] was supposed to add his comments -then things got uber busy for him [in a very good way] -so here are my comments/feelings about the fashion [or lack off] at the Academy Awards 2010 [better late than never] .......Enjoy..xx

Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah is exquisite in this beautiful Chanel gown. I am wowed ….its so lovely to see a fashion forward dress on the red carpet.

 Maggie Gyllenhaal
Maggie never disappoints. Few would be able to wear this bold fashion forward print gown by Dries van Noten on the red carpet; but on uber stylish Maggie, –its effortless… I love it and she looks divine!

Mariah Carey
Mariah might be wearing Valentino –but on her, its ill fitting [exposing too much boobs, –with the high slit -exposing too much legs] –and might as well be from Matalan. Her sequined clutch is beautiful though…

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer looks like her ‘celebrated’ posterior –has exploded and is oozing out -the side of her dress...oops!

Sandra Bullock
I’m a magpie –and should love this shimmery metallic gold gown by Marchesa but I don’t! –Sandra’s hair and make-up is lovely -though.
Kate Bosworth
What’s not to love about the ‘ever’ beautiful Ms Bosworth? Exquisite, model thin [she can wear anything] –and that delicately beautiful face… Kate’s an absolute winner in this simple, pretty tulle dress by Valentino…..And is my number two ‘Belle du jour’……xxx

Helen Mirren
Wow Helen looks so soft and beautiful in this lovely grey tulle with embellished crystals gown by Badgley Mischka….Is it me or is Helen getting better and hotter with age?

Penelope Cruz 
Who wears burgundy under the age of 80? Penelope is drowning in this Donna Karan gown….

Gabourey Sidibe
Not since the late, great Hattie McDaniel won the 1940 Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, - as Mammy in Gone with the Wind [making her the first African American ever to be nominated –and the first African American to win an Oscar] –has there been sooo much pent-up tacit feelings about a sister. There seems to be a ‘pink elephant’ in every photograph of sister Gabourey......-and I feel a debate coming on....don't you? Anyway, I love Gabourey -and unlike my mate Ms X [she shall remain nameless] -I don't believe Gabourey is dealing with the taboo-ish; unspoken -'three strikes rule' [big, very dark -and unattractive] because -she is beautiful. I don't care if young gals don't want to look like her -because there are many [myself included] who are celebrating this real 'woman' -in all her glory [she has truly opened the door for all types of beauty]. ..Anyway back to business, -I love her hair and make-up, –it looks soft and uber feminine –and the blue dress is a step in the right direction. ........Go Gabourey...xx

Vera Farmiga
Vera’s fan-pleat strapless gown by Marchesa has failed to grow on me –and continues to be ‘over-the-top’ –aging her in the process!!

Hilary Swank [Vanity Fair party]
Oh dear......the ‘over-the-top’ frou frou hair, the dangerously plunging neckline –I’m surprised; -our Hilary’s usually sooo restrained and elegant!

Queen Latifah

Wow ….Queen Latifah's come a long way from her KRS-1 days. Her hair and make-up is -Divine; the one-shoulder Badgley Mischka gown -was made for her, -and she looks soo happy!….Good for you Latifah, –you are beautiful…xx

I accepted a while back that Miley [she’s only 17] was never ‘going-to-play-ball’ –and thus, will never dress her age -on the red carpet…….
Charlize Theron

Charlize's Galliano [for Dior] dress is lost on me….I just don’t get what is going on around the bust area!

Zoe Saldana

Omgoodness Zoe has turned into an Avatar poodle…. And it's such a shame because the hair, make-up and lovely smile –are perfect……
Rachel Mac
Rachel looks beautiful. The make-up is on point, her hair is perfect –and she looks divine…..good for you Rachel….xx

Zoe Kravitz
I love Zoe’ –she has incredible style – and bar the burgundy velvet ‘whatever’ –her dress is lovely –and fits her like a glove. I’m loving her soft hair, make-up and that sweet smile.....xx

Victoria Beckham
We must be in the ‘age-of-Aquarius’ because things are a changing! Look at Vicky ‘Posh’ Spice Beckham… looking absolutely fabulous –with no hint of desperation! Gone is the wannabe fashionista and designer, –and in its place is someone who has now paid her dues. This nude gown [her own creation] is exquisite….Bravo Victoria!
Cameron Diaz
Cameron looks lovely….-I’m loving her uber glamorous hair and bold red lips!

Sigourney Weaver
I love Sigourney –she is a beautiful and an accomplished actress but has never managed to overcome her ‘anti-fashion-stance’ –and is drowning in this Grecian gown by Lanvin.

Mo’Nique’s been quietly loosing weight, is in a new relationship –and is feeling the love, and it shows. So it doesn’t really matter that I don’t like her dress, -although I love the flower detail in her hair. I just feel that her overall look could have been much softer, –with emphasis on quality…x

Meryl Streep
Gone are the days when Meryl was ‘anti-fashion’ –and couldn’t be arsed on the red carpet……Look at her now -looking fabulous in this elegant white deep V neckline dress by Chris March. She is happy, beautiful and poised…wow…xx

Molly Ringwald
OMGoodness I love Molly Ringwald…she is my teenage years! And looks divine in this simple, majestic purple dress…xxx

Mel B
If it wasn’t for that [in-ya-face] bust line – I would have been able to describe Mel B as -regal for the first time ever…oh well -another missed opportunity!

Diane Kruger
I love Diane and I love this Chanel gown…...its to-live-for ..

Nicole Richie
Wow look at Nicole, -she looks amazing. I’m wowed by her darker hair, the gorgeous make-up and this fabulous dress by Reem Acra…she really is- one of my all time favorite style icons…..x

Julianne Moore
Julianne looks lovely in this elegant, simple nude dress by Calvin Klein.

Oprah Winfrey
Oprah is sacred to me –and thus, can wear anything she wants [yep, even a bin liner] –and still be fabulous... But thankfully, she also has incredible style –and looks beautiful and radiant in this Carolina Herrera ensemble...…xx

Kelly Price
 I’m trying desperately to care!

Katie Price
Gone are days when I had a soft spot for Jordan, errrm Katie or whatever…but I'll be kind, -Katie looks like a porn star who has entered a beauty contest at Butlins ….I'll leave to there.

Carey Mulligan
Carey's drowning in this over embellished, full-skirted Prada dress….–and I’m soo disappointed -again. I hope she’s not taking ‘red carpet advice from Miley [who continues to do ’middle-aged-housewife’ on the red carpet].
Jennifer Hudson
A few weeks before my son was born, –his father lost his beloved mother –and has never been the same! He would only come 'alive' whilst holding our baby son’ –and so I marvel at Jennifer –and behold her in all her regal fabulousness. I’m sure that after giving birth, –her soul must have cried out for her ‘mama’ –but look at her; -strong, powerful, splendid, -a Goddess! No one will ever know what it’s taken to get her to this place –but wow…..what an over comer, what a star! So contained and in utter control….beautiful; beautiful, beautiful. Jennifer Hudson is my Belle du jour –my number one ‘Belle-of-the-ball’……xx

Kate Winslet
Is it Veronica Lake? …..No it’s our Kate, –looking ‘very old Hollywood’ and uber fabulous. She has really upped-her-game’ with this elegant strapless gown by Yves Saint Laurent –and the understated Deco-inspired [$2.5 million] yellow-diamond necklace from Tiffany & Co is ‘to-live-for’….xxx

Kristen Stewart
I’m sooo off Kristen right now! Since the stroppy episode on the Bafta red carpet –I kind off don’t care about what she may or may not be wearing. A better choice.....

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