Saturday, 6 March 2010

Fashion et al Hearts Bonnie Morrison

I’ve been meaning to do a ‘Fashion et al Hearts Bonnie Morrison’ –for quite some time –and decided to Google for more up-to-date images of her; -when I stumble across a piece written about Bonnie on the website of a [known US based] -black lifestyle magazine. The comments were positively pedestrian! Under a lovely photograph of Fashion et al favorite, Bonnie –some sisters had commented about –‘not getting the fascination with her’ –and that she, ‘didn’t’ even bother to do her hair’.. Well, I never…-because like all stylish women; –Bonnie's innate laidback style –comes naturally! Void of all habitually celebrated ‘jagger-jagger-ness like: cheap hair extensions, ghetto fake eyelashes, cheap ‘street make-up’, cheap fake nails, –[I guess] was lost on women who live only to emulate ‘music videos starlets’…..

I first spotted Bonnie in American Vogue years ago –and was soo impressed. A PR ‘gal-about-town’ [Bonnie works for PR firm KCD -and has cdfa on her books], – she doesn’t just limit herself to the designers on her books but can be seen mixing it up –with vintage, some gorgeous ‘classics’ -and what I call the ‘preppy’. But I guess what I love most about Bonnie is her Eurocentric stylish verve, –and her lovely smile………Your fabulous Bonnie….xx

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