Tuesday, 23 March 2010

My cup is full and running over......

It's taken me two weeks to tidy up my desk….and I’m soooo happy –because its also the place my son and I eat....thus we have found ourselves only using one side of the table at supper time [Alex has been very good about the whole messy thing -bless him]. I’ve been beating myself up for ages; -dreading the deluge of paper work; bills, scrapes of uber fabulous editorials [I’ve torn out of various glossies], images that inspire me, stuff I've been meaning to write about for the last six months -and an out of control mish-mash of odds and ends found in various second-hand shops in 'The Bar'...I was over the whole messy mess a couple of weeks ago -and thus, -started the journey back to a neat table' [King Alex and I -live in such a small space that our table has multiple usage . Its a desk for me, its a bed for Alex's Power rangers, its our dinning table, its also a place Alex does his school work, and becomes a bed for me at 3am in the morning -when I'm obsessing over my blogs etc]...

So a couple of weeks ago I thought if I take a photograph of it [the mess] –it would shame me into tidying it up …and when I looked at the photo –it just struck me …..I have created a beautiful and elegant mess….how fabulous! Sometimes we just don’t know what we have, -because even in our mess -our cup is still running over…Thanks Daddy God... xx

So sing this song with me...

Running over, running over *
My cup is full and running over*
Since the Lord loves me,
I'm as happy as can be! **
My cup*** is full and* running over

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