Saturday, 20 March 2010

Moises de la Renta for Mango…

Moises , Moises , Moises de la Renta-ta-ta-ta......! I don’t know if he and fashion et al Muse –Genevieve Jones are still dating; -if not, -Fashion guru Oscar de la Renta’s son is probably the most eligible bachelor in NYC [heheehe]. Anyway, let’s concentrate on the matter at hand –t-shirts….. Moises de la Renta-ta-ta-ta has hooked up with Mango to produce a line [called MDLR] of whimsical limited-edition T-shirts …for the fashion savvy ‘gal-about-town’…And we Heart them…….Prices start from £25.00  Tel: 020 7534 3505

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  1. no, they have not been dating for a while.