Thursday, 4 March 2010

Forget Disney’s Princess Tiana’ ….. Sokhna Ndour and Autumn Whitaker are my black princesses.....

Princess: Sokhna N’Dour

Sokhna Ndour wore the above

Sokhna Ndour and her escort -Papou Ndiaye

Paris' Annual Crillon Ball debutante -2008
Age: 17
Hometown: Dakar, Senegal
Bloodline: Father is Senegalese pop singer Youssou N’Dour (who was described by Rolling Stone in 2004 as “perhaps the most famous singer alive” in Africa).
Wearing: Franck Sorbier
Escort: Papou Ndiaye, friend of her older brother, Biran.

Princess: Autumn Whitaker
Autumn Whitaker being dressed by designer Jason Wu in the dress she wore..
Autumn Whitaker and her escort
Paris' Annual Crillon Ball debutante -2009
Age: 18
Hometown: California, USA
Bloodline: Father is director/actor Forest Whitaker, and mother is Fashion et al favourite fashionista; ex Ford model and make-up entrepreneur, -Keisha Whitaker.
Wearing: Jason Wu

**Never mind Disney’s Princess Tiana [all that suffering; all that –‘wishing-upon-a-star’ –just so she could open a restaurant –please! Why couldn’t she be rich and content? Why couldn’t her parents give her money to open the d*** restaurant [I found it overwhelmingly, stereotypically -wanting on all levels]. Surly Disney’s aware that there are some seriously successful black folks in this world...please! Anyway, step forward Sokhna Ndour and Autumn Whitaker –the daughters of uber successful parents –and ‘belles’ of the ultra-chic, ultra presigious -Paris' Annual Crillon Ball [founded by uber PR wizard - Ophelie Renouard]. Strictly by invitation [only], -Paris' Annual Crillon Ball is a celebration of the daughters of the worlds most powerfully connected; most successful; movers and shakers of chichi society and happens annually to present these [blessed] debs to society!

**I predict good things for Sokhna Ndour and Autumn Whitaker [future style icons on the make] –and wish them all the love in the world…x

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