Saturday, 20 March 2010

Sharmadean Reid for Barbie…..

Mattel have hooked up with sister Sharmadean for the launch of their first ever mixed-race Barbie [part of their ‘ So in Style' dolls Collection. It features mixed race and black dolls dressed in clothes designed by Jay-Z's Rocawear label], –to curate a cultural Barbie retrospective in Selfridges’ Barbie Pop-Up Concept Store….

The ‘So in Style’ dolls were created by Barbie designer [of 10 years] Stacey McBride-Irby, an African-American mother of two who wanted to create dolls more reflective of her daughter and community. The retrospective is proving a great success….and includes ten Barbie’s-of-colour [including the Ghanaian and Diana Ross Barbie] alongside the ‘So In Style’ range and other iconic Barbie’s from Mattel’s 50 year Collection…  The dolls are available to purchase [alongside the exhibition] –and are priced at £25.00…. Check out Foxy Trichelle [second from right] doesn’t she look like Sharmadean? [0800 123 400]

P.s Selfridges Barbie pop-up store is the first stop on a world tour of the Barbie™ by Chrome Hearts dolls, celebrating 20 years of the labels hugely successful collection.

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