Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Naomi Campbell is the most Connected black gal in the world….3

Naomi Campbell and uber stylist -Edward Enninful
Naomi Campbell and uber photographer Nick Knight
Naomi Campbell and Russell Simmons
Naomi Campbell with producer Quincy Jones and singer Bono
Naomi Campbell and Baroness Amos
Naomi Campbell and shoe guru -Christian Louboutin
Naomi Campbell and uber stylist -Edward Enninful –again
Naomi Campbell and actor Alan Cumming
Naomi Campbell and producer Damon Dash
Naomi Campbell, Sarah Brown and models Sheila Atim, Yasmin Le Bon, and Erin O'Connor
Naomi Campbell, Jennifer Lopez and Stefano Gabbana
Naomi Campbell with Farida and Fawaz Gruosi
Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss -again
Naomi Campbell with Liya Kebede, Iman and Bethann Hardison
I was talking to one of my most favorite mates the other day about Eve and the whole money laundering thing [you are going to have to google folks –I love Eve too much to write about such accusations here], -which lead to a lengthy conversation about blacks gals with Diplomatic passports to Gabon [heheh], –then we got to wondering, –who is the most connected black girl on the planet! She mention ********** [sorry this sister is African, sooo private, soooo connected –and is celebrated only in circles that –some can only dream about.. –personally, I would be scared to be this connected…plus I’m a Christian hehehe] and I decided on -Naomi Campbell. From royalty to politics, – our Naomi knows them all….. And because my mate adamantly disagrees, -I thought I would prove her wrong…………Here goes….xx

P.s Whilst the tabloids are trying to blacken our Naomi’s name today [you’ll have to google folks…Fashion et al is proudly pro Naomi Campbell] –the pictures above are also a celebration of –one of the biggest fashion influences of my life! Viva Naomi …..xx

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