Wednesday, 10 March 2010 …-The Big Russian Fashion Revolution

Top, Shirts (short sleeve), Lanvin
2. Jeans, Denim Pants, Mango
3. Sandals, Sandals, zara
4. Bag, Handbag, Chanel
5. Glasses, Eyewear, chloe
1. Parka, Jackets, Mexx
2. tank, Shirts (sleeveless), Mango
3. Shorts, Shorts, Top Shop
4. Shoes, Sandals, TopShop
5. Chains, Jewelry, Claire's
6. Bag, Handbag, Claire's
7. Glasses, Eyewear, Mango

1. Fur Hat, Hats
2. Coat, Jackets, zara
3. Belt, Belts, Calvin Klein
4. Shoes, Boots, Calvin Klein

**In the land of revolutions –I guess fashion was always going the greatest and the most important battle –and I’m pleased to say -fashion has won. Check out: -see the people of Moscow do fashion -big stylee! Note, there are no folksy, babushkas’ insight….Viva Muscovites!

***If you have trouble accessing –then try the link below. Enjoy xx

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